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 Thanks for sharing the memories!
Author: Rick Fogelman 
Date:   12-04-02 00:00

Wow...Dan Gould had told my brother Mark and me about this Camp Horseshoe website a few months back but I just checked it out tonight for the first time. I am blown away!
How great it is to see so many familiar names from the past and recall all these great memories. I couldn't stop once I started reading!
Finally a place to swap our Camp stories. My wife and kids are sick of hearing all my Camp Horseshoe stories by now. Not many weeks pass when I don't find myself day dreaming about my summers at Horseshoe. Even thought the years have passed by quickly, I still think of Camp in the present tense...recalling clear details like it was yesterday (My 1976 Pioneer D cabin: Counselor Teddy Bloom, Jordan Mendal, Bruce Berkowitz, Mike Fenton, Steven Wise, and Mike Week.... and Griefer was the floater).
I concluded a long time ago that it is impossible to ever convey to "non-Horseshoers" what this place meant. I arrvived as a home sick "punkeneer" and left 8 years later with so many lessons about life and so many great friendships and experienes.
I visited "Camp" a couple of years after it closed when Mark and I were visiting the area with Dan Gould. Although the JJ, fish cleaning house, swim tag board, teather ball, and many of the cabins were already gone by then, it still "smelled" like camp.
Sorry for all the mushy stuff but I, like so many others, was so impacted by my summers at this special place.
Rick Fogelman
ps: Mitch W., thanks for sharing all the exerpts from Council Horseshoe in your posting. I had not been able to find all my green "off season" letters from Merc!

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 Thanks for sharing the memories!   new
Rick Fogelman 12-04-02 00:00 
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