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 Fishing Report 12/09
Author: shq 
Date:   12-09-02 07:40

Ice fishing is in full swing. Most lakes have 8-10 inches of ice on them and some people are driving on the lakes. We have only a heavy dusting of snow on the lakes so snowmobiling would be tough.
The icefishing season started about 4 weeks ago off the sawdust pile on the MInong Flowage with early ice walleyes. Fishermen have spread out along the channel and are reporting good action with walleyes using tipups and minnows.
The panfish are starting to hit on crappie minnows and waxworms. We are carrying a new product that is having great results, a glow waxie. The waxies have been treated with a dust that makes them glow after being exposed to a bright light. They come in various colors such as green, orange, pink,red, etc. Last year glow jigs were the hot lure and the glow waxie is taking that a step further.
It's suprising how technology has made icefishing more comfortable. We have the largest selection of ice tents in the area and have 12 tents set up in the shop so you can compare features and comfort. I think the days of sitting on a bucket all day and freezing are over. A portable ice house allows you to move with ease to follow the fish yet stay toasty when you use a heater. I like fishing in the comfort of a flannel shirt in a toasty ice house when the windchill is below zero outside.
I had the chance to use the new Vexilar FL18 over the weekend. I was amazed at the sensitivity as I was watching not only the jig but the sinker move on the screen. The Vexilar lets you put the bait right on the fish, no more guessing or hoping the fish are there. The Vexilar lets you catch so much more fish that a sportsman should practice catch and release so as not to harm the fishery. And of course we have the Vexilars at Sportsmans Headquarters at the best value price. Hope to see you soon. For information on ice conditions call us at (715)466-2086 and ask for John or Steve.

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