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 Fishing Report 2/25/09
Author: Gooseslayer 
Date:   02-25-09 09:16

Fishing has been a bit hit and miss as of late. Each day some anglers do great while others around them will struggle. The better areas for walleyes have been producing ! Those catching fish are reporting a short early morning and evening bite in anywhere from 8-25 feet of water. Sunken tree stumps and or points have been the more key areas to work. Try actively working sonars or chubby darters; or nils, raps, buckshots, kastmasters tipped with minnows or minnow heads. When pressure occurs in an area the walleyes tend to scatter or shut down and those working the outer edges and away from the crowds tend to do the best.

Crappie fishing’s been hit and miss as well. Some of the better areas have been the deep water Kastmasters, genz worms, buckshots, small raps, or hanger rigs tipped with minnows waxworms, minnow heads, all work at times.

Some anglers have also been reporting St Croix Flowage picking up for pike and walleyes with an occasional Crappie mixed in. For pike, Shiners and Suckers off tip-ups has been the setup of choice.

Remember that game fish closes on the 31st so get out now and fish. Spotsmans still has plenty of minnows for pike and walleye

Good Luck & Good Fishing!!!

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