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 Fishing Report July 23
Author: shq 
Date:   07-23-02 08:25

We are in the mid summer feeding pattern. With the hot weather we have had, water temperatures have warmed up. It is not uncommon to have water temperatures in the 80's which is great for swimming but slows some fish action.
Largemouth bass are on a rampage now. Work the edges of the lily pads with Scum Frogs (or other frog imatations) and rubber worms. People have come into the store to replace baits that the bass have torn apart. I have seen some of the shredded baits and the Bass definitely are aggressive. Nancy Lake has seen good action by the no wake zone and the bay that extends from it. I had one stretch of 6 casts and 6 Bass. I was using crawlers and a bobber about a 18" up. This time of year the little lakes are not to be overlooked. They usually don't receive much pressure and have great action.
I wouldn't have thought we were in good catfish water but we have reports of good numbers and size on the St.Croix upsteam from Danbury to where the Namekagon meets the river. Some visitors from the deep south were ecstatic over the fishing, saying it was better than back home. Catfish bait on hooks and sinkers fished off the bottom are the ticket here.
Smallmouth bass are hitting on the Upper St. Croix river from Hwy T to St. Croix Trail. Float it in a canoe, the trip should take 3-5 hours depending on how much fishing you do. Crawlers and small crankbaits seem to work well.
Panfish are abundant, try fishing deeper for the big ones. Kids will have a blast wherever you go. Worms, crawlers, waxies are great live bait and Flu flus and Mister Twisters are great artificial lures.
Walleyes are very frustrating to catch this time of year. You can mark them with the depthfinder but they won't bite. Wait til dark or first light when they come in to feed. Leeches and minnows are effective along with crankbaits. Fish the edges of the drop offs.
Big Northerns are slow now but big suckers and big crankbaits will be found by the big lunkers. Muskies have started also. Fish big and heavy. The lakes have heavy vegetation and you don't want to lose a wall mounter by fishing with a wimpy rig.
Trout are still being caught in good numbers. Fish the deep dark hole in the bends of the rivers. The Eau Claire, The Ox, and the Ounce should be good. Don't be afraid to try new water, this area is full of creeks that you would overlook and have good size trout. Use the Trout regulations book along with the Wisconsin Gazetteer to find road crossings to fish. Some spots won't pan out but I will bet you find a new honey hole or two by doing this. The bugs are on the downside so it's very enjoyable to be on the water.

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