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 Fishing Report August 14
Author: shq 
Date:   08-14-02 06:05

We are getting reports of good fishing all over. The panfish and bass are coming on strong. Fish the deep edges of the weedbeds for the larger panfish. Use a weighted jighead or sinkers with a hook and crawler. You need to get the bait past the little fish to the lunkers on the bottom.
Little kids fishing from the dock is giving them plenty of action. We are having families coming in to pickup 100 to 250 waxies every day. They are saying the kids are spending the whole day with a pole in their hand, seems to me that is a good way to spend a day.
Flyrods and poppers in the evenings are a great way to catch bass and panfish. Again work the edges of the lily pads. We carry weedless flies that can be cast on a lily pad and slid off into the water for great action.
The bass are slamming the topwater baits. Jitterbugs, Heddon floating baits and rubber frogs are great bets. Rubber worms such as Bill's Worms or a Power Bait product are also getting great action. The Bass are still in the shallows so fish them in 2-8 feet of water.
It's that time of year when the leach situation starts to turn ugly and we are out of them at Sportsmans Headquarters. We try to carry quality bait and the available leaches didn't meet our quality standards.
Try using fatheads or walley suckers when fishing for Walleye. They are pretty finicky now but should turn on as the water temperature starts to cool.
Crankbaits are getting good action on Northern and Muskie. If you don't want to work that hard use larger Northern Sucker Minnows and a bobber, cast it out and kick back and enjoy yourself.
Labor Day weekend is fast approaching, that is the last hurray of summer but marks an improvement in the fishing for gamefish. We still have have 3 months of quality fishing.

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