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 Fishing Report Nov. 12
Author: shq 
Date:   11-12-02 14:25

Now is the time of year top have solitude on the lakes. Most fisherman have long since put their boats away and are getting their ice fishing gear ready. What an opportunity they are missing. Late season (right before ice up) is when the walleyes go nuts. It's been almost a month since the lakes turned over and they fishing is getting better. Try fishing with fatheads or walleye suckers on a lindy rig for good action.
Now is the time for huge Muskies. Try big suckers and dress warm. We have had reports of guys having to break ice to fish but they are catching nice muskies.
If yoor boat is away and you are getting the ice fishing itch stop by Sportsman's Headquarters and see whats new in Icefishing.

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