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 Hunting Report
Author: shq 
Date:   07-23-02 08:35

Bear hunters are reporting good numbers of bear being run. The dogs are getting in shape but for the most part the bears simply outdistance the dogs. Another week or so more bears will be treed as the dogs get tuned up.
Bait sitters are starting to bait their bait stations. It's the time of year when you start to see more foot trails into the woods. Please don't wreck someone's hunt by tampering with their bait, its unethical and illegal.
The deer are developing racks now. I was on a fellows place last night that practices Quality Deer Management and we saw 5 bucks together with a pair of 8 points being the largest. The best time to start QDM is 5 years ago, the second best is now. Those 5 bucks are proof QDM works.

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