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 Hunting Report
Author: shq 
Date:   09-09-02 06:32

Bear Season for bait sitters started last Wednesday. A teenager from the Milwaukee area came in with his first bear early Wednesday. He was excited and proud of his first.
Hunting has been slow, the warm tempuratures and abundance of food in the woods have kept bear registration numbers way down. As of Saturday we have only registered 7 and the DNR only one. A couple of storms with high winds came through the weekend before and shook acorns loose. An abundance of acorns and the best blackberry crop in years had the bears fat and sassy.
The temperature has been in the nineties andwe have been setting record high low temperatures so the bears aren't moving in the high heat and humidity.
I had a couple of guys hunting from my house and I felt bad for them. Besides the heat, the gnats were thick, both were wearing bug suits. Plus their baits weren't being hit as often as they had been. The bears weren't patterning and twice the bait was hit when they were in to the house.
The weather is supposed to break and be more seasonable after today, highs in the upper 60's low 70's and 40's at night, that should help bear movement.
On Wednesday the dog hunters go, they will have a tough time too if the temps don't drop.
Saturday is the start of the Bow Deer season. It would be nice to see cooler temps for sitting in the stand. In our area the bowhunters don't seem too concerned about the CWD issue. Sales of archery equipment continues to be strong as well as license sales. More on the opener soon.

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