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 Hunting Report for Sept.22
Author: shq 
Date:   09-23-02 05:53

Fall is here and Hunting is in full swing. Bear hunting had been tough due to all the acorns that have fallen. We are halfway through the Bear season and have only registered 20 bears. The biggest was shot by Tom Mikilick with a live weight of 478#. It was shot with the aid of dogs.
The bears aren't moving with the abundant acorn crop so they aren't hitting the baits. When they do hit the baits it is a few chomps and then move on. The baits aren't getting cleaned up like they were at the end of August.
The weather has started to cool down and hopefully the bear action will heat up.
Whitetail action has started with 8 being registered last Sunday morning but only one more registered the whole week. I think the deer aren't ranging like usual due to the acorn crop. The action has been in the oaks. A nine point Buck is the largest to date.
Partridge action is spotty. The person who walks the popple slashs will have the best luck.
Ducks and geese open this weekend with a good local population. Don't over the small potholes, there is great opportunity for jump shooting.

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