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 Hunting Report Oct 5
Author: shq 
Date:   10-04-02 05:43

Acorns are everywhere in the woods as a result deer and bear aren't moving. Bear season is winding down and the kill numbers are off 30%. Dog hunters seem to be having the most success due to rig dogs and the large number of baits they typically have out.
We have only had 15 deer registered so far but that is due to the lack of movement of the deer. We should be starting the pre rut phase shortly so movement will pick up.
Partridge are few, use a good dog in the thickest popple brush you can find and you will find birds.
Duck Season north of Hwy 77 started last Saturday. Most hunters I have talked seemed happy about the hunt. The shooting was good. Maybe the shooting is second to spending some time with a good friend in a duck blind. The season south of Hwy 77 starts Saturday at noon. The forecast looks good, rain and snow by Sunday.

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