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 Hunting Report Oct. 19
Author: shq 
Date:   10-21-02 06:01

Our first snow of the year is here! With the fresh snow more people will be out scouting for the big bucks. We are in the pre rut phase now with the bucks staking out their territories and gathering their harems. The peak of the rut should be in 2 weeks, that coupled with a new moon should make fro some outstanding buck hunting.
The T zone starts Thursday. The DNR will be testing 500 deer from Washburn county for Chronic Wasting Disease. The testing is voluntary and will be conducted at the Birchwood and Spooner registration stations. Sportsman's Headquarters will be offering a hunter test kit for sale. We are taking orders for the kits and will have them before the normal rifle season.
Acorns are very abundant in the woods so deer aren't moving large distances to find feed. Find big Oaks and you'll find deer.
The T zone anterless deer season runs Thursday thru Sunday. Deer can be registered at both the Sportsman's Headquarters and the Ranger Station. We are on track to have the coldest October ever and Sportsman's Headquarters has all the warm clothes you need to make for an enjoyable season. I don't think people realize how much they squirm when they are uncomfortable. If you can stay comfortable and not move you will see more deer, it's that simple. We carry quality clothing and accessories to make a good season and create great memories.

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