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 Hunting Report Nov.12
Author: shq 
Date:   11-12-02 14:17

The rut is on and is in full swing. We have been registering lots of 8 pointers in the 12-16 inch width. I am sure we will have some of those monster bucks in soon.
Bow season is running until Thursday, November 21st this year due to the T zone season. Most bowhunters we have talked to are excited about the extra few days due to the increase in buck action. There is a feeling that the T season two weeks ago turned the big bucks nocturnal and now they are finally getting back to normal activity.
Grunt tubes and doe bleats are getting great results. The deer are coming to the calls. Rattling with antlers or the rattle bags is attracting decent sized bucks.
The ban on baiting has been extended until April by the DNR. Doe in heat scents and Buck Lures have been especially effective due to the ban. Products like Mrs. Doe Pee, Code Blue and Tank's have been working well due to the one deer one bottle concept. The other scents are a blend of many deer and they have been effective for years. A new productive this year is Deer Sense, an incense stick that emits a strong attractant odor that draws in deer.
The Deer Gun season starts November 23 and extends for 9 days. We have good deer numbers in the woods after the T zone season and hunters should have plenty of action. We have a good supply of Orange clothing to keep hunters warm this season. Mention the website and receive 5% off your purchase, now that's a great deal. Good Luck

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